2016 Feb 07 Update: Chestnut Hill Realty is at it again!

Chestnut Hill Realty has proposed a SECOND 40B project at Hancock Village. This proposes a development even larger than the first. 

Together these proposals are like building 77 new 3-4 BR homes and 310 new apartments!

This massive development will permanently change our neighborhood for the worse. It will stress municipal services and exacerbate crowding and traffic. It will destroy valuable greenspace.

A call to action:

If you agree that this is bad for Brookline and for our neighborhood, then take actions to stop or reduce it!

  • Attend the FEBRUARY 9 SELECTMEN MEETING when they will take public comments on the new proposal, as they prepare Brookline's response that will be sent to MassDevelopment. The meeting is scheduled for 8 pm on the agenda. Selectmen’s meeting room, 6th Floor, Town Hall, 333 Washington Ave.

  • Support our LEGAL EFFORTS TO OPPOSE THE FIRST PROJECT! This is expensive (hundreds of dollars per hour) and we need funds to continue it! If you have donated before, thank you and please consider donating again. For those that have not but are concerned about the neighborhood and the schools, THIS IS A WAY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Please be as generous as you can. Although the Town is involved, the participation of the neighborhood is essential! Contribute here.

  • Spread the word by talking to your neighbors and forwarding this email.

  • Sign up to get future emails and updates by clicking this link and entering your email in the right sidebar.

 Read on to learn details of the new project and review the first project.

Proposal #2 (Puddingstone at Chestnut Hill, PCH):

Current plan (map)

  • 226 Units

    • 6 story building containing 186 units

    • 3 2.5 story bldgs

    • renovation of 28 existing apts.

    • 256000 sf residential space

    • 100000 sf garage space

  • 66 1BR, 128 2BR, 20 3BR, 12 4BR = 480 BR

  • 46 affordable units (20%)

  • 530 parking = 67 surface, 283 garage = 2.3 parking/unit

  • Location: on Sherman Road at Brookline-Boston line.

  • Given the size of many of these units, this is like 32 new houses and 194 new apartments.


  • Comprehensive 40B application filed with MassDevelopment 12/21.

  • Town and any other response letters due 2/21/16.

  • MassDevelopment will then make a decision about a Project Eligibility Letter.


Proposal #1 (Residence at South Brookline, RSB):

Current plan:

  • 161 Units

    • 3-4 story building containing 109 units

    • 11 2.5-3 story bldgs

  • 57 1BR, 59 2BR, 22 3BR, 23 4BR = 333 BR

  • 33 affordable units (20%)

  • 99 garage and 193 surface parking = 292 (1.8 parking/unit)

  • Location: in green area between Beverly/Russett and current Hancock Village

  • Given the size of many of these units, this is like 45 new houses and 116 new apartments.


  • Zoning Board of Appeals approved comprehensive permit

  • Comprehensive permit, project eligibility, and MassDevelopment’s authority to sponsor this project are under litigation in Land Court by Brookline and several abutters vs CHR and MassDevelopment.