An Important Win

Last week we scored an important win in Land Court, where we are challenging Brookline ZBA’s approval of Chestnut Hill Realty’s (CHR’s) 40B project at Hancock Village and MassDevelopment’s issuance of the Project Eligibility Letter (PEL) that started the process off in the first place.

CHR and MassDevelopment both tried to get parts of our case dismissed, but the court ruled in our favor on all motions, including the key issue that the PEL can be challenged in court. This means that all aspects of our case can move forward, full steam ahead!

But to keep this legal battle going, we need to raise more funds. We are now entering the next phase of the lawsuit involving discovery, which is costly. To continue having successes requires money.

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Many in the neighborhood have made contributions (thank you!), which have covered legal fees for the past three years. But much more is needed for the next phases, even with several neighbors who have been donating their time and energy to support the effort.

We're all concerned about the future of our neighborhood and our town, so we're changing our name to more accurately describe our shared goal. Going forward, Preserve Brookline will be Brookline Future. This fight is about the future, not the past, and it's about the whole town, not just South Brookline. As part of our makeover, we will be moving our website to a new address,, and emails will be sent from [email protected] If you previously subscribed to the preservebrookline email list, we’ve transferred it to the new server. If you didn’t, please join us at the new site. We will make efforts to keep you more up to date with more blog posts and through social media outlets.

We're for affordable housing. We're for greenspace. We're for smart urban planning, thoughtful management of our public schools, wetlands protection, historic preservation, and responsible stewardship of taxpayer dollars.

Our town is going to pay a very high price if we don't win this battle.

Join us now. It's time to take our town forward.

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